A Test You Can Trust!

Heritage House is excited to announce the release of our new pregnancy test, the Heritage House Quick & Clear II. This test is consistent and accurate giving a reliability that you will love. Plus, the Quick & Clear II shows results up to 2-minutes faster than other similar tests with a read time of only 3-minutes.

Heritage House has been working to bring you the new Quick & Clear II test for almost 9 months since the manufacturer announced that the original Quick and Clear test would be discontinued. During that time we researched, compared, designed and tested to bring you a high quality test at the price your ministry can appreciate. The Quick & Clear II is the culmination of this work. Quick and Clear II is very sensitive at an hCG detection level of 20 mIU/ml, which is equal to or better than any urine based test currently available.

The Quick & Clear II test has new functional and contemporary design elements. The included dropper receptacle keeps the dropper secured and in easy reach. The deeper and wider sample well reduces the chances of any spillage and the bright (T)est and (C)ontrol labels make the results stand out clearly. With the new features and distinctive cassette design both your center and your clients can feel confident in the results.

But, we have even better news! Even with all of these improvements there is no increase in the low cost you have become used to from Heritage House! If you are on regular shipments your pricing will stay the same as will the pricing if you buy boxes as you need. Either way, you are getting a great test at a great price.

  • 1. Designed for Professional Use
  • 2. Life-affirming promise.
  • 3. Manufactured in the USA!